VIZZARI GIORGIO In the naval field we can offer our customers a wide range of services that span the entire life of the ship. Particular in this area we can offer:
  • ship survey

  • owner survey

  • survey for damage to hull and the engine

  • survey for losses from damage marine

  • inspections for arbitration and naval engineering evaluations

  • survey on damage goods, inspections and assessment, measurements, count, bagging and storage is that the loading at the landfill, weights and temperature control, quality control and chemical-biological analysis

  • service and preventive work

  • consultancy work for the dry-dock, dock, paintings

  • consultancy for drafting management plans, planning visits, works and suppliers

  • support and technical advice for the supervision and verification of refitting or repair

  • support the work

  • monitoring and evaluation seafarers

  • complete technical management of ship

  • I.S.M. management in compliance to IMO resolution A.741(18)

  • I.S.M. management in compliance to Commission Regulation 336/2006/CE

  • I.S.P.S. management - Risk Assessment and Security Manual

  • D.Lgs. 28/200 and D.Lgs. 45/2000 management

  • Realization specific manuals and forms

All these activities are carried out by following strictly all rules in force

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